我的行程 . 10 Days 7 Nights

New Zealand . Love in South Island

人数 : 6位 + 1位摄影师 或 10位 + 2位摄影师
Departure from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Total People: 6 travelers + 1 Photographer OR 10 travelers + 2 Photographers


Day 1

飞往繁星盛开的国度 – 新西兰。
Flying to a country with full bloom of stars – South Island in New Zealand.

Day 2

After arrived at Christchurch, we will have a meal, then depart to Lake Tekapo and check in our home stay.

Day 3

Aoraki / Mount Cook is the highest mountain in New Zealand. A popular tourist destination, it is also a favourite challenge for mountain climbers.

Lake Tekapo is the second-largest of three roughly parallel lakes running north – south along the northern edge of the Mackenzie Basin in the of New Zealand. The name Tekapo derives from Maori words Taka (sleeping mat) and Po (night). Finely ground rock in the glacial melted waters give Lake Tekapo a beautifully unique turquoise color.

Church of the Good Shepherd is close to Lake Tekapo and is a well-known bronze statue of a New Zealand Collie sheepdog. The statue was commissioned by Mackenzie Country residents in recognition of the indispensable role of the sheepdog in their livelihoods.

Day 4

Kawarau峡谷悬索桥主要用于AJ Hackett Bungy公司的商业用途,用于蹦极跳, 该网站是世界上第一个商业蹦极跳网站。
The Kawarau Gorge Suspension Bridge is mainly used for commercial purposes by the AJ Hackett Bungy Company for the purposes of bungy jumping; the site was the world’s first commercial bungy jumping site.

The Cardrona Bra Fence was a controversial tourist attraction. At some point between 1998 and 1999, passers-by began to attach bras to a rural fence. The fence gradually became a well-known site as the number of bras grew to hundreds.

Queenstown is a major centre for snow sports in New Zealand, with people from all over the country and many parts of the world travelling to ski at the four main mountain ski fields.

Day 5

皇后镇山,也称为毛利人名字Te Tapu-nui。走一小段路就可以看到皇后镇的美景。
Queenstown Hill, also known by its name of Te Tapu-nui. A short walk to look over the beauty of Queenstown.

Lake Hayes is a small lake in the Wakatipu Basin in Central Otago, in New Zealand’s South Island.

Lake Wakatipu is New Zealand’s longest lake, and, at 291 km2 (112 sq mi), its third largest.

Onsen Hot Pool An onsen (温泉) is a Japanese hot spring and the bathing facilities and inns frequently situated around them.

Day 6

Lake Wanaka is in the Otago region, at an altitude of 300 metres. It is New Zealand’s fourth largest lake.

Discover Lone Tree of Lake Wanaka in Wanaka, New Zealand. A solitary tree has grown up all aloneon Lake Wanaka, backdropped by the beautiful Southern Alps.

Stuart Landsborough的迷宫世界从1973年开始作为一个单层迷宫,逐渐扩展成为一个屡获殊荣的光学幻想和令人费解的房间以及世界上第一个三维迷宫。
Stuart Landsborough’s Puzzling World is beginning as a single storey maze in 1973, gradually expanding to become an award-winning complex of optical illusions and puzzling rooms and the world’s first 3-D maze.

Day 7
福克斯冰川是世界上最容易到达的冰川之一,其终端面可从Fox Glacier村庄/Weheka 轻松步行。
Fox Glacier is one of the most accessible glaciers in the world, with its terminal face an easy walk from Fox Glacier village/Weheka.

Walk through lowland rainforest to the beautiful glow worm grotto of Fox Glacier. The serenity of the forest combined with the bubbling stream nearby and the cool refreshing mountain air make this an experience you’ll never forget.

Day 8

The Canterbury Museum is a museum located in the central city of Christchurch.

Day 9

结束旅程, 从基督城乘搭飞机回国.
The end of the journey. Take the flight from Christchurch home.

Day 10

Arrived at home, the end of the exciting 10-day trip to South Island of New Zealand.




  1. 团费一个人:RM 11 500.00


  • 吉隆坡往返机票 (经济舱)
  • 住宿 (民宿, 2人一房,共用浴室,有厨房可以煮食)
  • 交通 (租车,领队负责开车)
  • 汽油和汽车保险
  • Onsen 温泉 (包括饮料,毛巾)
  • 免费个人旅游保险 (10天) 仅限在马来西亚工作和生活的本土公民,启程和返回地点必须是马来西亚 。


  1. 团费不包括
  • 到吉隆坡机场的交通
  • 膳食 (10天估计花费约250 纽币)
  • 自由活动时的个人消费
  • 行李超重 (1件23 KG)
  • 因天气,交通延误,罢工以及本公司不能控制的情况等不可抗拒因素下,所引致的额外费用
  • 所有以上未提及的费用


  1. 订金和付款方式
  • 订金金额RM2 000.00于报名时缴付。该订金恕不退还,除非因人数不足而须取消该团
  • 确定成团之后将需缴付RM6 000.00
  • 团费出发前6个月需缴付剩余余额

Registration procedures and 

  1. Tour Fee Per Person :RM 11 500

Package included

  • Malaysia (KL) Round trip air ticket (Economy class)
  • Accommodation (Homestay, Twin sharing,Share bathroom,with Kitchen)
  • Transport (Rent car,Photographer as driver)
  • Petrol and Car insurance
  • Onsen Hot Pool (included a drink and a towel)
  • Free Travel insurance (10days) is only applicable for Malaysia based tour member, the point of embarkation and return must be Malaysia.


  1. Package not included
  • Transport to KLIA/KLIA2 airport
  • Meals (10 days estimated NZD 250)
  • Personal consumption at free time
  • Excess baggage (1 x 23 KG)
  • Additional expenses caused by weather, traffic delay, strike, and uncontrollable circumstances beyond the control of our company.
  • All expenses none mentioned above

3. Deposit and payment methods

  • Deposit RM2 000.00 need to be paid at the time of registration. The deposit is non-refundable unless the registration is insufficient to form a tour
  • Once the trip is confirmed, will be required to pay tour fee RM6 000.00
  • The remaining tour fee is due for payment 6 months prior to departure

4. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact our person-in-charge

Leng Paul
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lengpaul
Whatsapp: +6016 951 6611
Email: outbound@happytravel.com.my

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